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Having been injured defusing a booby trapped land mine and now totally blind, John draws on his own life experiences to encourage and inspire.  He shares his personal philosophy which informs a straight forward attitude in confronting life’s many challenges.

During his enlightening and humorous talks he always encourages participation and questions from his audiences.

John has spent 30 years in education.  He has taught at universities and senior schools, has managed a university residence and been a Headmaster at 2 independent boarding schools. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge

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“John brings a unique dimension to any room. He is inspirational, highly motivational and enthusiastic.”

A thought provoking speaker – children, teachers and parents are compelled to listen.”

“John has needed immense courage, patience and persistence to manage his personal challenges. He shares his story from when the booby trapped landmine exploded in front of him to where he is now and how he copes. As he talks, he gives us strength and courage to be brave and to face our own challenges.”

“Talking from the heart he engages with his audience on a level that other speakers just cannot achieve.”

“John Bradshaw’s talk will have remained firmly imprinted in the hearts and minds of his audience. He speaks with a quiet authority and gentle humour, reaching out to his listeners and drawing them into his world and the challenges he has overcome. The message is hopeful and encouraging but unsentimental and realistic. Teenagers listen to speakers who tell it as it is and know their audience: John never preaches but he changes the way people see themselves and their place in the world.

John JamesHead of Enrichment - Canford School

“I have never seen this group of pupils react to a speaker in that way, they were listening and absorbing his words like a sponge. Some of them were almost emotional at the end. This has been a great strength to them, when they are under so much work pressure with their exams pending.

Head of Sixth FormWarminster School

This strengthened my challenge to major on positivity. Also to bring humour in to my work and recognise the talents and success of every individual weak or strong.

TeacherKing’s Bruton School

It was amazing! My lasting memory - all of it – the best we’ve ever had here!!

Sixth Form PupilCanford School

I learnt that confidence is key in life and I should believe in myself much more.

Year 8 PupilHanford School

We were privileged to get to hear John’s story which went from harrowing and tragic to awe-inspiring and highly motivational. We would be thrilled to have John speak at Colfe’s anytime.

Teacher/Co-ordinatorColfe’s School

He definitely inspired me. With all he has gone through he still has a positive outlook – you need to take that step of faith in life - and listening to him, I can do it.

Sixth Form PupilColfe’s School

I found the talk inspiring because I learnt lots about courage and how hard we have to try and to have faith.

Year 8 PupilHanford School

I found his positivity so very inspiring

Sixth FormCanford School

A unique style, truly inspirational – delivered with a great sense of humour

Sixth Form PupilColfe’s School

"Your warmth and words of wisdom were both inspiring and deeply touching. Let’s hope that our paths cross again soon."

Jeremy LewsHead of School, ACS Egham

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